The respected Aleem Dar

It is not easy to become a cricket umpire. If you wish you can visit betting sites in Bangladesh - 1xBet allows you to wager on decisions made by these officials. However, becoming part of the Elite Panel of ICC Umpires is simply an outstanding achievement.

These are some of the things that former Pakistani player Aleem Dar has been able to achieve throughout his life. He had a great playing career between 1986 and 2009. The teams where he performed were: Pakistan Railways, Lahore City, Allied Bank Limited, and Gujranwala.

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A successful official

Dar was so good that he became an umpire even before retiring as a player. During his career as an official he participated in One-Day Internationals, Twenty20s and also Test matches. He had his debut during an ODI contest between Pakistan and Sri Lanka on the 16th of February 2000. If you like all these variations of the sport, you can go to - best bet cricket can be made on dozens of different matches.

Only two years after his debut, Aleem Dar was already selected for the International Panel of Umpires of the ICC. It is quite rare to see an umpire that needs so little time to reach such an important position.

Needless to say, becoming part of this group of the best cricket officials in the world allowed the Pakistani to be in some high-profile competitions. The best cricket bets can be made on 1xBet in the best tournaments taking place everywhere around the world. He was also nominated as an umpire for the 2003 edition of the Cricket World Cup.

An exceptional umpire

Like any other professional cricket umpire, Aleem Dar has also made some mistakes. However, he has also been constantly recognized as one of the most reliable officials in the sport. Fans can try 1xBet mobile application, which among its features offers the chance to wager on the best cricket tournaments in the world.

The Pakistani official has participated in plenty of major cricket tournaments, including World Cups. In addition to umpiring, he also established the Aleem Dar Cricket Academy in his native Pakistan. Its purpose is to teach cricket to children who suffer hearing-related disabilities. For this reason, Aleem Dar can also be described as an exceptional human being. Anybody can try the mobile application of 1xBet now, which has matches where the best umpires in the sport are participating.

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